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How To Run a Board Meeting That’s Engaging and Productive

Discover how to transform your board meetings into engaging and productive sessions with a meeting management apps.

Successful business leaders understand that board meetings are a company's lifeblood of strategic decision-making. However, these vital gatherings often risk becoming lengthy, unengaging, and less fruitful than anticipated. With leaders and board members busier than ever and connecting increasingly virtually, a potent solution to this common issue is utilizing innovative meeting management apps.

The Crucial Role of Effective Board Meetings

Board meetings are the nucleus of any organization's critical decision-making and strategic direction. The efficiency and effectiveness of these meetings can significantly impact the overall success and growth of the company. Conducting a board meeting that keeps participants engaged and the discourse productive is a challenging yet essential endeavor. This process involves careful planning, fostering active participation, and ensuring every moment is productive.

The Advantage of Meeting Management Apps

In today's digital era, meeting management apps have emerged as a game-changing tool to optimize meetings. These applications are designed to simplify the planning process and enhance participant contribution, making board meetings both engaging and efficient. Here’s why:

Streamlined Agenda Creation and Distribution

A comprehensive, well-planned agenda is the cornerstone of any successful board meeting. Meeting management apps streamline this process, enabling the creation of organized, goal-oriented, and shareable agendas. They allow for easy distribution to all participants while permitting last-minute updates to be accessible to all parties.

Effective Time Management

The propensity for board meetings to overrun their allotted time is a common frustration. Meeting management apps introduce a timer feature for each agenda item, ensuring discussions stay focused and on schedule.

Centralized Repository for Meeting Materials

Meeting management apps provide a unified platform for all meeting-related documents, including minutes from previous meetings, reports, presentations, and more. With resources accessible anytime, anywhere, these apps encourage thorough preparation and informed discussions.

Promoting Active Participation

The more interactive a meeting, the more engaging it is. Meeting management apps allow participants to contribute to the agenda, suggest topics, and vote on issues, fostering an atmosphere of involvement and collaboration.

Efficient Post-Meeting Follow-ups

The effectiveness of a meeting is determined by both the discussions held during the session and the actions taken afterward. Meeting management apps provide features for assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and tracking progress, ensuring that discussions translate into actions.

Tips for Running an Engaging and Productive Board Meeting

Armed with a meeting management app, conducting a highly engaging and productive board meeting becomes a seamless task. Here are some steps to make that happen:

Prioritize the Agenda

Use your meeting management app to create a clear, concise, and actionable agenda. Ensure that each item is essential, relevant, and presented in order of priority.

Encourage Preparation

Distribute the meeting agenda and materials in advance using your app. This encourages board members to review these before the meeting, fostering informed and productive discussions.

Foster Interactivity

Leverage the interactive features of your app to keep participants engaged. Allow them to propose topics, participate in voting, and contribute to discussions.

Manage Time

Utilize the in-built timer in your app to keep track of time. Ensure that each agenda item receives adequate attention without letting discussions go off track.

Ensure Follow up

After the meeting, use your app to assign tasks, set deadlines, and follow up on action items. This ensures that the momentum from the meeting is sustained and translates into productive outcomes.

Decisions Meeting Management App for your Board Meetings

Decisions, the meeting management app that integrates with Microsoft Teams and M365, stands out as the perfect companion for board meetings. With a strong emphasis on security, Decisions ensures that sensitive boardroom information stays within users' Microsoft tenant - no meeting information is processed outside of a user's Microsoft environment. The application's ability to create comprehensive meeting books for board members beforehand increases its efficiency, making it possible for all stakeholders to come prepared and contribute to informed discussions. Additionally, the ability to collaborate on an agenda, suggest and approve topics, set time limits, and more makes Decisions the perfect companion for your board meetings.

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