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From Boring to Engaging: Innovative Approaches to Virtual Meetings

Explore dynamic strategies to invigorate your virtual meetings

Today, virtual meetings have become a staple in the everyday operations of businesses worldwide. However, these meetings can become tedious and unproductive if not done correctly. Fortunately, there's a way to pivot from boring to engaging virtual meetings. In this blog post, we explore innovative approaches to virtual meetings, spotlighting the critical role of the Decisions meeting management app in optimizing this process.

Understanding the Virtual Meeting Conundrum

Firstly, it's essential to understand why virtual meetings can often become tiresome. The most significant factors include limited human interaction, monotonous presentation styles, and a lack of active participation. By addressing these elements, we can transform our virtual meetings into dynamic, engaging events that everyone looks forward to.

Making Virtual Meetings Interactive

One key to making virtual meetings engaging is to ensure interactivity before, during, and after the meeting. Here's where the Decisions meeting management app shines, offering teams to collaborate on agendas before the meeting, follow along with agenda items, assign presenters and allot specific time to each agenda item, vote in-meeting, and more. When team members can participate in the full meeting process, contributing to the agenda and being able to prepare fully, they are more likely to be active participants.

Enriching the Visual Experience

Another critical aspect to remember is the visual aspect of virtual meetings. Studies show that people retain 65% of information when it's paired with relevant images, compared to only 10% when it's just auditory.

The Decisions app's new feature, the Presentation Pack, allows users to convert their agendas into Powerpoint presentations with just a click so that participants can follow along in meetings. 

The Power of Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are a game-changer in virtual meetings. They allow smaller groups to discuss and brainstorm on topics in-depth, fostering collaboration and engagement. 

We suggest using Microsoft Teams, with which Decisions integrates, to facilitate virtual breakout meeting rooms. 

Promoting Effective Communication

Communication is vital for successful virtual meetings. The Decisions meeting management app allows seamless communication before, during, and after meetings. Pre-meeting, you can set an agenda and attach necessary documents for everyone to review.

Use Microsoft Teams to live chat during the meeting and use reaction features to facilitate real-time feedback. Post-meeting, minutes can be shared via Decisions, and tasks can be assigned, keeping everyone on the same page.

Boosting Engagement with Gamification

Gamification can bring a new level of engagement to your virtual meetings. You could introduce elements such as quizzes, competitions, or rewards to boost participation and engagement. 

These activities should be scheduled in your agenda to ensure your meeting runs on time and doesn't go long. Long, meandering meetings tend to be much more boring than those sticking to the agenda. 

Rethinking Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings need not be boring. By implementing the right strategies and tools, like the Decisions meeting management app, you can transform your meetings into engaging, productive sessions. Remember, the goal is not just to host meetings, but to foster engagement, collaboration, and active participation that drives your business forward.

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