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Great app for managing projects. The integration with Teams, Planner, One Note and Word is great! I manage multiple projects in Teams so with the app assigning tasks automatically from the minutes, it saves me time and reduces admin after customer meetings.

Claire Davidson | AppSource Review
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All-inclusive digital meeting platform. I have worked on digitizing meeting processes the last 5 years in several large companies. Initially I was hesitant using MS Teams as platform, but with the implementation of Decisions-apps, all process steps are supported in one platform... outstanding!

Bjørn Hopland | AppSource Review
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Excellent integration and use of in Teams. This app is well integrated, feels nearly like a native part of Teams. The built in guides makes it is very easy to get started with meeting preparations, performing-, and follow up meetings. It makes good use of OneNote and Planner for notes and meeting actions.

Bjørn Hopland | AppSource Review
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Decisions free trial — everything you need to know.

How long is the free trial?

Our free trial lasts 14 days. That gives you two weeks to experience all of Decisions functionality, including the agenda builder, collaboration tools, one-click meeting minutes and meeting book, Meeting Engagement Score™️ and more!

Your free trial won't begin until the app has been approved for you by your own organization's IT administrators. For more information on that process, visit our support article on the topic.

Do I need a credit card to start the trial?

Nope! You do not need to enter a credit card number until you are ready to purchase licenses for you and your team.

What happens at the end of the free trial?

You will receive an in-app notification ahead of the free trial end date, and a member of our team will contact you if you'd like purchase Decisions and continue to use all our meeting management tools!

Who do I contact for a demo or to purchase?

It’s easy! Just book a demo via our website, and your dedicated account manager will get back to you shortly to schedule a time that works for you!

I think I need more help?

You can get assistance in a few ways!
  • Talk with your dedicated account manager and request a demo.
  • Visit our self-service support center with answers to every product question.
  • Need additional support? Submit a request to our customer success team.

What's included with the free trial?

Full access to nearly all of Decisions tools and features is available in your free trial. Some premium add-ons, like secure voting and eSignature, only are accessible on paid plans.

How much does Decisions cost to use after the free trial is over?

After your trial is complete, pricing for Decisions starts at $9.90 per user, per month. See our full pricing or request a quote for larger organizations.

Can multiple people in my organization try Decisions at the same time?

Absolutely! Decisions is designed to maximize meetings with many people in them, and we encourage you to invite your colleagues to start their own free trials so you can test the functionality out together.

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    "I like the ability to store the agenda in a [Microsoft] Teams channel. It makes retrieving meeting archives fast and easy. Not only can you store the meeting agenda, but you can store minutes, decisions, and tasks there also to make referring back to a meeting a breeze."

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    "The Decisions team is amazing. They provided informational training sessions on how to use all the features of the app."

  • Customer story

    "I clicked on Decisions, used it, and just loved it right away."

  • Microsoft AppSource

    "I love Decisions for Microsoft Teams. We provide quarterly meetings for all of our clients and putting the agenda together the agenda and compiling all of the information into one pdf was a manual nightmare before Decisions ... This is a huge timesaver for our organization."

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    "Decisions works flawlessly within our O365 tenant. Seamless exchange of data between apps like Teams, Outlook, Planner and OneNote. There are frequent and continuous improvements."

  • Microsoft AppSource

    "We use Decisions at Beiersdorf and are very happy we made this choice few years ago. In many important projects this became a must have tool to run our important SteerCo meetings. We recommend Decisions."

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    "If you are looking for a time saving meeting tool, get it."

  • Customer story

    "Decisions feels native to Microsoft Teams. I think it's brilliant in its simplicity. It's not overwhelming at all with the feel. Everything that you want is right there."

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    "Great tool with a great team that is very reactive and listens to our needs."

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