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Decisions enables SATS to drive business momentum through meetings

SATS needed a solution to address the lack of structure in their management meetings and they found it in Decisions.

SATS needed a solution to address the lack of structure in their management meetings and they found it in Decisions.

Operations Process Manager Sharon Hagen is part of the SATS Norwegian management team and a Decisions super user. She works across all departments and has a diverse set of responsibilities.

“I focus on operational excellence at our clubs, working as a project manager within the Nordic and Country levels, with a particular focus on continuous improvement, effectivization and internal communications,” said Sharon. “I know first-hand how bad meetings can affect the momentum of the organization – they slow us down when run poorly or are a catalyst to achieve important milestones when run well.”

Decisions enables SATS to have effective meetings that can serve as that catalyst. Sharon uses Decisions for all her meetings. “Once someone experiences a meeting with Decisions, they want it for their own department or team.”

SATS is a Nordic health and fitness company with thousands of employees throughout the region. They use Decisions for both the Nordic- and Country-level management meetings. Like many organizations at the start of the pandemic, SATS faced the daunting task of moving many of its meetings virtual.

“Decisions was a tremendous asset in maintaining productive meetings,” continued Sharon. “It helped us seamlessly transition to remote meetings and worked so well that our meetings have become even more effective and shorter.”

SATS finds numerous benefits to using Decisions for both its virtual and in-person meetings: Overall, it creates a system for managing meetings where materials are uploaded to the agenda ahead of time so participants can properly prepare. This gives them more time in meetings for discussions, rather than spending their time just sharing information.

According to Sharon, “Every meeting gets better and better with Decisions. Now, the rest of the organization knows what they need to do when they schedule an agenda item in our meetings – set a purpose, identify a clear objective and share materials in advance.”


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