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Decisions is now available for Microsoft Teams private channels

November 2020 Update:
OneNote meeting minutes are now available to customers using Decisions in private Microsoft Teams channels.

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The team at Decisions has worked with Microsoft for several months on our latest Microsoft Teams integration and are excited to announce that starting today, users can run meetings with Decisions inside Teams private channels.

This release has been a top request from many customers who want to use Decisions for their private, smaller group meetings, without having to create an entirely new team. Users can be assured that all content associated with a specific private channel – such as meeting agendas and minutes – can only be viewed by relevant and approved members within the team, while still housing the information within the appropriate team structure.

More About Private Channels
Each team can have up to 30 private channels, with a maximum of 250 members in each channel. Private channels allow Microsoft Teams users to create a channel within a larger team that includes only a sub-section of the group. The capability is especially useful so only the appropriate individuals are invited to meetings, or to ensure sensitive topics are only shared with approved team members.

For Example: Say there is a Project Team that includes multiple workstreams and external suppliers. The project leader can set-up private channels so only the relevant workstream members are invited, and separately create private channels for discussions and meetings with each supplier, as well as a channel for company internal discussions. All materials will be housed within the overarching Project Team, while ensuring the entire project team is not overwhelmed with notifications and meeting invitations unrelated to their work.

Learn more about creating private channels in Microsoft Teams.

Decisions is committed to continue evolving alongside Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to deliver the most powerful meeting management experience possible.

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