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Leverage Decisions for more efficient project management

Decisions frees up project managers to focus on managing the project, instead of managing meetings.

Every project requires meetings. In fact, managing a project is mostly a series of meetings.

Decisions can save you valuable time and resources to drive projects forward on time and on budget. It frees up time to focus on managing the project, instead of creating agendas and looking for earlier notes, action items and decisions. 

educe time spent in meetings
A structured meeting agenda that attendees have read in advance will help project meetings run efficiently and on-time. This eliminates follow-up meetings to make decisions and carrying over the same topics from one meeting to the next. 

Decisions will soon release a feature to help you better keep track of time during the meeting. Presenters can watch to know how much time they have left for an agenda topic and over the course of a few meetings, you’ll also be able to better allocate enough time for each topic. 

Create structured agendas
Decisions allows you to create structured agendas for meetings in Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Outlook, with topics, descriptions, presenters and files. The agenda is shared with project team members who can collaborate, suggest topics and upload materials directly to the agenda, instead of you as a project manager having to collect and distribute the material yourself before the meeting. 

Generate meeting minutes in seconds
It takes just one click to generate meeting minutes in Microsoft Word or OneNote from the agenda. The Decisions smart-text feature (see the section below) helps you manage action items and decisions from meeting minutes. Minutes will be available to share with attendees immediately after the meeting, keeping everyone on track and informed. 

Never miss – or forget – actions items and decisions
Use the Decisions smart note-taking function to track action items and decisions from meetings. 

  • Assign Tasks: Assign user tasks that will automatically sync to Microsoft Planner and export into Microsoft Excel. Project team members will receive reminders before tasks are due and all tasks will be available for viewing right from the meeting agenda.

  • Track Decisions: Quickly recall when and why a decision was made. Identify decisions in a way similar to tasks above, and then view them from the agenda or within a Microsoft Teams tab. The decision entry will include a link to the meeting agenda and meeting minutes where a decision was made. 

Leverage Microsoft Teams
With Decisions, Microsoft Teams becomes a hub to successfully manage meetings. Decisions recently unveiled several new features to allow users to create and share agendas, collaborate on and suggest agenda topics, generate meeting minutes and view past minutes, and track tasks and decisions discussed in meetings – without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Waste less time on project meetings and spend more time managing the project. Download Decisions today from AppSource to get started.

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