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An automated solution for managing meeting guest presenters

Introducing an automated solution for managing meeting guest presenters - Decisions sends calendar invites which automatically update with any changes.

Decisions announces a significant enhancement to its one-of-a-kind solution that automates the process of inviting guest presenters to meetings: Meeting organizers no longer need to manually manage calendar invites.

Now, Decisions sends calendar invitations to all guest presenters with their topic details included once the agenda is published, and if there is a change, the calendar invite is updated and sent again automatically.

This product update is especially useful for meetings with a number of presenters who might not otherwise be part of the normal meeting cadence. These include leadership, board and project meetings.

How It Works

Planning the Meeting
Meeting organizers and executive assistants are no longer weighed down by sending individual emails and calendar invites to each guest presenter. Once a topic is assigned to a guest and the agenda is published, the person receives a calendar invite with all of the meeting details.

Meeting organizers have complete access control and can specifically set if a guest presenter can view the entire agenda or only their topic. In some instances, guests might be invited to the entire meeting and when that occurs, they receive the same automatic calendar invite.

Preparing for the Meeting
It is essential that guest presenters have the information they need to ensure they can properly prepare for the meeting. With the most up-to-date version of the agenda, time of presentation, time of the meeting and its location, they can feel at ease knowing they have all the necessary logistics to prep their materials.

If the agenda changes, all guest presenters automatically receive an updated calendar invite with their new topic time and other relevant details.

Running the Meeting
The ability to easily manage access control at the topic-level ensures guest presenters have access to the information they need to edit or view their topic or the broader agenda, increasing overall meeting efficiency. Guest attendees will even get an automatic update based on changes in the agenda, due to the meeting running behind, so they do not accidentally join when sensitive information is being discussed.

Pilot Case Study
A European automaker ran a pilot of these new features for their CEO office staff. “The ease of managing guest presenters saves them a tremendous amount of time and speeds up decision-making, moving the entire business along faster,” said Decisions CEO Jorgen Solberg. “According to their team, this feature, combined with the others from Decisions, increases meeting efficiency 4x.”

These new capabilities further save time, increase efficiency and improve collaboration at every stage of the meeting process for organizers and attendees.

For more information on how to begin using the new update, see this support article.

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