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In-meeting extension automatically added to meetings with an agenda

The Decisions in-meeting extension for Microsoft Teams is now automatically added to meetings with an agenda, simplifying how users can access the feature.

The Decisions in-meeting extension for Microsoft Teams brings the agenda, attached files, time tracker, voting and more, to the meeting window side panel. Users no longer need to switch away from the video window to access meeting materials.

“Having one consolidated screen makes the virtual meeting experience almost no different than a face-to-face meeting,” says Dariya Preet, Finance and Systems Integrity Manager at Singer Electrical in New Zealand. “It is so great to be able to follow the meeting agenda without losing visual access to others in the meeting.”

Preet also notes that the process to access the in-meeting extension was easy and now, it is even easier: Starting last week, the in-meeting extension capability will be automatically added to meetings with an agenda. Just select the Decisions logo (lowercase “d”) in the top right of the meeting screen to see the agenda and all related materials, including the time tracker. Previously, users had to manually add the in-meeting extension and then the agenda.

“The ability to see the time tracker by topic without leaving the meeting window is my favorite feature,” continues Preet. “It ensures meetings are run within the allotted time.”

Existing users with a free trial or license purchase can access the Decisions’ in-meeting extension for no additional charge.

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Decisions is the only meeting solution built entirely into Teams, improving meeting collaboration, engagement and productivity through an agenda builder, secure voting, minutes templates, task management and more.

Start your free trial today by downloading Decisions from Microsoft AppSource.

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