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Manpower Group is able to manage meeting tasks when they use Decisions

Manpower Group leverages Decisions to create a culture where meetings are collaborative, productive and organized.  

When asked to name their favorite feature, the team replied enthusiastically: Easy management of tasks and decisions from the meeting. 

Decisions allows users to automatically sync tasks and decisions from the Word or OneNote meeting minutes into Microsoft Planner. Our intelligent solution identifies tasks and decisions within the minutes to create a seamless experience that saves time and allows for easier tracking and follow-up. Now, the tasks you create during a meeting don’t just disappear from memory. Learn more

“(With Decisions) Our team members are better prepared for meetings, which has increased productivity,” said Karoline Nystrøm, then-Director of Operations, Experis Manpower Group. “Most importantly, Decisions makes it so much easier to follow-up on action items after the meeting. This leads to a more efficient execution of our goals.”

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