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Decisions adds an agenda time tracker and advanced decision management

Meetings can waste time. Decisions for Office 365 gives you the tools for better meetings, with an agenda time tracker and advanced decision management

The Decisions development team has been hard at work this summer building new features to help customers have better meetings. 

Time Management
There is now a visual cue that follows the length of the agenda to keep meetings on track and on time. If you want to see the precise amount time left for a topic, hover your mouse over the time tracker. The visual turns red when there’s less than one minute remaining. 

time tracker-1

Decision Management
Decisions recognizes and picks up tasks and decisions from the meeting minutes in OneNote and Word and syncs them within Microsoft Planner.

Now, you can override or replace earlier decisions with new ones. Previous decisions are nested with the new one so you can easily manage and track them. The same great feature that shows you the meeting and meeting minutes connected to the decision will still be there.

  • Visit the decisions list from the agenda or within the Microsoft Teams tab
  • Click “replace previous decisions” from the menu (three dots)
  • Search for the decision you want to replace

Screen Shot - Better Decisions Tracking cropped v2

Share OneNote Meeting Minutes
Our customers have been requesting a way to share OneNote meeting minutes with attendees and we've delivered two ways you can do this.

They also apply to minutes taken in Microsoft Word.

Option I: Share from the agenda minutes tab


Option II: Share from the agenda menu

  • Select “Notify Attendees” from the agenda main menu


  • Select “Meeting minutes” from under Select what to share with the attendees


  • You can opt to share the minutes in a Teams channel and/or via email


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