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Answers to common Decisions questions

Decisions free trial, pricing and licenses

Who do I contact for a demo or to purchase?

It’s easy! Just book a demo via our website, and your dedicated account manager will get back to you shortly to schedule a time that works for you!

Do I need a credit card to start the trial?

Nope! You do not need to enter a credit card number until you are ready to purchase licenses for you and your team.

How long is the free trial?

Our free trial lasts 14 days. That gives you two weeks to experience all of Decisions functionality, including the agenda builder, collaboration tools, one-click meeting minutes and meeting book, Meeting Engagement Score™️ and more!

Your free trial won't begin until the app has been approved for you by your own organization's IT administrators. For more information on that process, visit our support article on the topic.

What happens at the end of the free trial?

You will receive an in-app notification ahead of the free trial end date, and a member of our team will contact you if you'd like purchase Decisions and continue to use all our meeting management tools!

What's included with the free trial?

Full access to nearly all of Decisions tools and features is available in your free trial. Some premium add-ons, like secure voting and eSignature, only are accessible on paid plans.

How much does Decisions cost to use after the free trial is over?

After your trial is complete, pricing for Decisions starts at $9.90 per user, per month. See our full pricing or request a quote for larger organizations.

Who needs a license?

To use the core Decisions application, all users who create or interact with the platform are required to have a license. That means that both the meeting organizer, and any attendees of the meeting, must be licensed. External users to your organization who are guests do not need a license.

For an AI add-on license, only those users who need to create content for their meetings above and beyond the 100 credits per month need an additional license. users cannot create content for meetings in which they were not an organizer, co-author or delegate. In order to create content in those meetings, the organizer, co-author or delegate with their own licenses or available credits would be required.

Do you offer bulk or non-profit discounts?

Yes. For organizations looking to purchase 50 or more licenses, we can offer bulk discounts. Officially recognized non-profits can also receive discounts. Please get in touch with your account manager or contact us for more information.

Can multiple people in my organization try Decisions at the same time?

Absolutely! Decisions is designed to maximize meetings with many people in them, and we encourage you to invite your colleagues to start their own free trials so you can test the functionality out together.

I think I need more help?

You can get assistance in a few ways!
  • Talk with your dedicated account manager and request a demo.
  • Visit our self-service support center with answers to every product question.
  • Need additional support? Submit a request to our customer success team.

Decisions AI features

What are the AI features?

A Decisions AI add-on license allows a user to be an AI content creator within Decisions. This enables access to additional AI-powered functionality for meetings the license-holder organizes or is a co-author in, including:

  • AI Meeting Recaps + Meeting Minutes: Receive precise and succinct summaries of your meetings, synthesized seamlessly from chat logs, transcripts, and more, or a full-fledge draft of the meeting minutes you can edit.
  • AI Agenda Assistant: Craft ready-to-use agendas within moments using the intelligent agenda creation tool.
  • AI Messaging Interfaces: Welcome your AI-driven meeting coach. Produce richer content and glean deeper insights faster.
  • AI Insights Dashboard: Prep for the week ahead with tailored overviews.
  • Upcoming enhancements: Stay tuned for more cutting-edge additions, including advanced AI assistant capabilities and facilitation features.

How do I access the AI features?

During your trial period, you have free to access Decisions AI features. To continue using your allocated credits, you and your organization must be a current license holder of the core Decisions platform. To remove credit restrictions, you will need to upgrade to a premium AI license on top of your core Decisions license.

Note: Access to Decisions AI and the appropriate Microsoft permissions granted are at the user level. For complete AI functionality, some adjustments need to be made at the tenant level (including, for example, granting access to meeting transcripts for the AI meeting recap tool). 

Do I need to change settings to enable AI?

Access to Decisions AI permission scopes are granted primarily at the user level, but in order to maximize all the relevant features, you will need to adjust some settings at the tenant level.

For example, the meeting recap functionality can use meeting transcripts in order to better generate a draft recap. Granting access to that permission scope requires that the application is reauthenticated by a user who is an M365 admin on your tenant.

How do the AI credits work?

There are 100 AI credits per month included with each paid Decisions license. These credits allow each user to decide which AI features they would like to utilize, and each AI activity has a different credit 'cost.'

On average, 100 credits will allow a user to create 3-5 agendas with AI, and 1 or 2 meeting recaps or minutes (for a single meeting of approximately 60 minutes). 

Learn more about credit costs here.

Can I buy AI credits a la carte?

Credits cannot be purchased individually, you can only upgrade your license to a Premium AI license, which requires an annual commitment.

How do I buy a premium AI license

How is data shared and stored with AI features?

Decisions AI uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI services, which are hosted within the EU (or optionally in the United States). The service is designed with a strong focus on data privacy and security.

Data isolation: Inputs to and outputs from the service are not shared with other customers, OpenAI, or used to improve OpenAI models. They are also not used to enhance any Microsoft or third-party products or services or for automatically improving Azure OpenAI models. This ensures that data remains isolated and secure.

Stateless models: The AI models used by the Azure OpenAI service are stateless. This means that no prompts or generations are stored in the model. In addition, prompts and generations are not used to train, retrain, or improve the base models. This helps to ensure the privacy of our data and the integrity of the AI models.

For a full security review, please contact us about Enterprise pricing options.

Why can't I just use AI features by themselves?

Decisions AI is an extension of the Decisions platform, and to fully utilize the features, it requires access to core Decisions features including the agenda builder, Planner and Chat integrations, and other key features. It would be impossible to use Decisions AI as a standalone application today, but we continue to work on how the two platforms will integrate and grow over time.

I think I need more help?

You can get assistance in a few ways!
  • Talk with your dedicated account manager and request a demo.
  • Visit our self-service support center with answers to every product question.
  • Need additional support? Submit a request to our customer success team.

What our customers are saying

  • "As Andy Grove (Intel's most famous CEO) often said: "If you're going to take everyone's time to hold a meeting, you owe it to the company to conduct the meeting effectively." Andy would  be singing the praises of Meeting Decisions. It's exactly what's needed to conduct truly effective meetings in the Modern work environment."

  • "The software solves the lack of transparency with meeting discussions for our organization. Further, it allows everyone to remain on the same page as to what was discussed while keeping the meeting flowing in a succinct fashion."

  • "The Decisions team is amazing. They provided informational training sessions on how to use all the features of the app. I love being able to add the Decisions app directly into my team's channel and use the different features. My team has really enjoyed learning new ways to grow our team's channel and collaborate virtually."

  • "Best meeting tool out there ... the integrated speaker lists even on their own have singlehandedly transformed our virtual and face-to-face meetings. Decisions enables us to have productive meetings. Especially as a student-driven non-profit, time is at a premium, so we need to have the right tolls at our hands"

  • "Decisions works flawlessly within our O365 tenant. Seamless exchange of data between apps like Teams, Outlook, Planner and OneNote. There are frequent and continuous improvements."