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Decisions offers a solution to one of the most frustrating challenges an organization faces: ineffective meetings. We work with partners to drive a digital change in how meetings are run in organizations around the world.


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Becoming a Decisions partner is good for your business.
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Gain access to senior executive and leadership teams at potential and current customers

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Build stronger customer relationships and increase retention

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Share in revenue, improve margins and expand consulting services

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Access Decisions sales and marketing strength with joint case studies and sales outreach, paid promotion, and marketing materials and online training


What our customers say

  • "I like the ability to store the agenda in a [Microsoft] Teams channel. It makes retrieving meeting archives fast and easy. Not only can you store the meeting agenda, but you can store minutes, decisions, and tasks there also to make referring back to a meeting a breeze."

  • "The Decisions team is amazing. They provided informational training sessions on how to use all the features of the app."

  • "I clicked on Decisions, used it, and just loved it right away."

  • "Eureka! I wish I'd had Meeting Decisions available during my 20 years at Intel."

  • "I love Decisions for Microsoft Teams. We provide quarterly meetings for all of our clients and putting the agenda together the agenda and compiling all of the information into one pdf was a manual nightmare before Decisions ... This is a huge timesaver for our organization."

  • "Decisions works flawlessly within our O365 tenant. Seamless exchange of data between apps like Teams, Outlook, Planner and OneNote. There are frequent and continuous improvements."

  • "Best meeting tool out there ... the integrated speaker lists even on their own have singlehandedly transformed our virtual and face-to-face meetings."

  • "We use Decisions at Beiersdorf and are very happy we made this choice few years ago. In many important projects this became a must have tool to run our important SteerCo meetings. We recommend Decisions."

  • "If you are looking for a time saving meeting tool, get it."

  • "Decisions feels native to Microsoft Teams. I think it's brilliant in its simplicity. It's not overwhelming at all with the feel. Everything that you want is right there."

  • "Great tool with a great team that is very reactive and listens to our needs."

  • "Aside from being a perfect meeting application, excellent service is always right there as well."

  • Decisions "complements our core software packages, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, perfectly. We love it."

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