Decisions Meeting Engagement Score™

Measure and improve how well you and your team prepare for meetings using Decisions Meeting Engagement Score™ - based in behavioral science.


Measure your meetings

Increase meeting value

Better agenda quality

Make better decisions

Meeting Engagement Score™

The best way to improve the quality of your meetings is through ongoing data.

Using an algorithm based in behavioral science, Decisions Meeting Engagement Score measures the quality of your agenda and how well your team prepared.

As your engagement score increases, see how your meetings get better and better.


How it works

Decisions Meeting Engagement Score™ provides a quantifiable metric that you can use to improve meeting culture at your organization.

A positively trending score means you’re crushing it in the meeting world! Your Meeting Engagement Score™ increases when your agenda is sent out with ample time beforehand and when your attendees view and collaborate on it. Ready to be a high scorer?

Agenda Quality

Measure the agenda quality to ensure your team can easily prepare and interact with it beforehand. Your score will increase with more complete agendas, resulting in in tighter, more productive meetings that save you time and money.

Measure Meeting Preparation

See how well your team - and the meeting admin - prepare for meetings. Use the data to strive for total meeting preparation. The better prepared everyone is, the quicker and more concisely you can meet.

Make Better Decisions

As you improve your Meeting Engagement Score over time, you’ll make better decisions due to your increased and thorough preparation. Never have a meandering, pointless meeting again!

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