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Meeting Management Tools that will improve your meetings

Decisions gives you the power to spark efficiency and engagement among your team, and to make your meetings a space for productive collaboration.

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Structured Agendas

With Decisions’ agenda builder, you can provide direction, support and context to your meeting by crafting a detailed agenda from scratch or re-using a template from a previous meeting.

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Professional Meeting Minutes

Decisions maps your agenda to a Word or OneNote template to easily record and organize notes and action items. 

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Meeting Feedback Score

Decisions Meeting Feedback Score is a meeting evaluation tool that allows you to rate the effectiveness of the meetings you attend - right in the meeting chat. Or, if you’re the meeting leader, you can gain valuable insight into how others feel about the meetings you are running. Learn More
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Meeting Engagement Score™

Behavioral science shows us that despite our own confidence in our abilities, human beings make for poor decision-makers. In the absence of contextual information, we tend to rely on our gut — that is, on our biases and preconceptions.

That’s why we designed the Meeting Engagement ScoreTM, a one-of-a-kind algorithm that evaluates meeting preparation and agenda quality. We can’t remove bias, but we can mitigate it by ensuring meeting participants are as prepared as possible to make informed decisions.

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Automated Follow Up

Using smart-text recognition, Decisions automatically identifies tasks and decisions from the meeting minutes, eliminating the need to manually enter them into your task management system.

The team can then easily access pending tasks, and the task owner receives an alert that tasks are due. Each task and decision record includes a link to the related agenda and meeting minutes, providing participants with the context they need to complete action items.

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Speak Now for Microsoft Teams

The Decisions Speak Now add-in for Microsoft Teams enables coordinated participant engagement.

The more participants in your meeting, the harder it is to ensure that everyone gets their chance to speak — without speaking over each other. During the discussion, you can create an ordered speaker list, give participants the option to respond to the current speaker as well as request a brief recess.

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Secure Voting

Government agencies, boards of directors and similar governing bodies are now running formal, virtual meetings inside Microsoft Teams. The nature of their meetings requires a secure and organized way to issue votes on important topics.

With Vote Now from Decisions, these organizations can run official voting directly from Microsoft Teams through a secure and orderly process.
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Smart Time Tracker

Unlike the built-in Microsoft Teams notification that pops up when there are five minutes left in the meeting overall, Decisions’ time tracker works at the topic level. It follows the length of the agenda and turns red when there is one minute left for a topic.

Users can also hover their mouse over the tracker to see exactly how much time remains, down to the second.


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