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How our Meeting Management Software works

Decisions integrates with the Office 365 tools you use every day.

Get the Add-Ins
Get the Add-Ins

We’ve made it easy to get started. Simply find the Decisions add-ins in the Outlook or Teams store, or download them directly from Microsoft AppSource.

Build the Agenda
Build the Agenda

Create structured agendas in Microsoft Teams or Outlook, including presenters, attachments, topic purpose and more.

Share the Agenda
Share the Agenda

Share the agenda with meeting participants in the Teams channel and/or via the meeting invitation and email. They will be able to suggest topics, leave comments and upload attachments to the topics they own.

Create Minutes
Create Minutes

Merge the agenda into a Microsoft OneNote or Word meeting minutes template.

Run the Meeting
Run the Meeting

Run an organized, successful meeting with features such as the agenda time tracker, Speak Now and secure voting in Microsoft Teams.

Manage Tasks
Manage Tasks

Tasks and decisions are tracked in the meeting minutes, and assignment owners receive email reminders as action items are due.

The Features You Need for Productive Meetings

Security Materials remain within your organization’s Office 365 tenant under existing security policies. We do not store customer data.
Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On Decisions is compliant with single sign-on and security mechanisms like Azure Multi-Factor Authentication and Azure Information Protection.
Agenda Builder Create a professional meeting agenda in Teams or Outlook. Participants can upload files, suggest topics, ask questions and leave comments.
Invite Guests
Invite Guests Invite guests as presenters, contributors or participants, and add them to one topic or the whole meeting.
Meeting book
Meeting Book Consolidate the agenda and attachments into a single PDF document that can be shared with meeting participants.
meeting minutes_grey_blue
Minutes Merge the agenda into a Word or OneNote template with a single click for easy meeting minutes.
Time Tracker
Time Tracker A visual cue tracks agenda items based on their allotted time to keep meetings on schedule.
Speaker List
Speaker List Speak Now for Teams creates an ordered speaker list that allows for rejoinders and requests for recess.
Vote Now Run official voting directly from Microsoft Teams through a secure and orderly process.
Action Items
Action Items The smart-text feature recognizes tasks and decisions during note-taking and syncs them to Planner. Participants receive instant email notifications for tasks.
Meeting Planner
Meeting Planner Create agenda templates, send postponed topics to a backlog, set up an annual plan for your meeting series and more.
Device Neutral
Device Neutral Decisions is a cross-platform solution available on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices and browsers supported by Office 365.

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