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We’re Passionate About Transforming Meeting Culture

Let us tell you why.


Culture Matters to Us

An organization's culture should inspire, provide space for team members to excel, make work satisfying and drive passionate problem-solving. But brilliant culture doesn’t happen by accident. At Decisions, we believe that improving culture has to start in an area where a lot of us could be doing better — meetings.

We’re Revolutionizing Meetings

Without paying deliberate attention to meeting culture, our meetings tend to default to the kind that we’ve all been in: directionless, a waste of valuable working time and lacking in results. But meetings don’t have to be this way — especially not when you’re armed with the right intention and the right tools.
When we bring people together, we should be enabling their best work, both inside and outside of the meeting. That’s why we built a tool that empowers leaders to drive meeting culture at their organizations.
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And We’re Doing It With a Great Team

At Decisions, we’ve gathered individuals who believe that organizational challenges can be overcome with practical, functional technology solutions. To build tools that drive engagement and inspire problem-solving, you need a team of engaged problem-solvers.
A Timeline of Decisions
February 2016
Decisions founded in Oslo, Norway
August 2016
Decisions version 1.0 launched
January 2017
Bengaluru office opened in India
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September 2017
Received Microsoft Partner App Award – 2nd Place for Best Office Integration
November 2017
Introduced the Meeting Engagement Score™
September 2018
Received Microsoft Partner App Award – 1st Place for Best Office Integration
November 2019
Received Microsoft 365 App Award – 3rd Place for Best Overall App
January 2020
U.S. office opened in Columbus, Ohio

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