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TINE improves meeting culture with Decisions

Tine, the global Norwegian dairy producer, transformed their meeting productivity with Decisions for Office 365.

TINE, an early customer of Decisions, is a Norwegian-based producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products. The organization has international reach, selling more than 10,000 tons of Jarlsberg cheese annually in the United States.

Decisions software, which is built around Office 365, has been pivotal in improving how TINE runs their meetings.

According to Jørn Spakrud, CFO of TINE, Decisions eliminated the disorganization of paper minutes, allowing their teams to focus on decisions and action points [in Decisions, these are the “tasks”]. There is no longer need to worry when memory fails you or physical papers are misplaced. Decisions stores all materials from previous meetings including agendas, documents, minutes, decisions and actions, which are easy to access any time after the meeting.

In addition, every meeting with Decisions receives a Meeting Engagement Score™, which helps determine how prepared attendees are for the meeting. It is based on agenda quality and participant activity, such as suggesting agenda topics, leaving comments, adding their own attachments and so forth.

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