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Decisions - New Features and Improvements

May 16, '2018 / by Decisions

On May 17th we will be rolling out the May 2018 update to Decisions. You can expect many improvements to functionality, as well as bug fixes. As always we are listening to your valuable feedback.

Meeting Task Assistant

To make it super easy to record action items during a meeting we are now launching a new task sidepanel. In the panel you can easily record multiple tasks during the meeting without losing focus on the meeting agenda.

Meeting Task Assistant


Lock/unlock meeting

With the recent update to the Office 365 Groups permission model, Decisions will now support locking a meeting so that the meeting agenda and files can’t be changed. Meetings will be automatically locked when finalizing the minutes or you can manually lock from the main menu.

lock unlock meeting


Agenda item toolbar redesign

The toolbar is redesigned so tasks, decisions, notes and comments are more clearly displayed on the corresponding agenda item. The edit and more options buttons are now always displayed to enhance usability on mobile devices and in general.


 tool-tip-blue-circle (002)

Other improvements

Suggested agenda items

The submitter of suggestions will now be notified about approvals or rejections of items. In addition the approver can send a note to the submitter when rejecting an item.


Meeting Engagement Score

The Meeting Engagement Score indicator has been augmented with colors to give better visual indication of the level of preparations for the meeting.


Coming soon: Full Teams Integration and advanced search capabilities!

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