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Decisions and Microsoft Teams keep meetings on track and on time

Decisions built-in agenda time tracker manages timekeeping at the topic level.

A quick online search of “how often do meetings run over” returns 241 MILLION results.  Several of the top results come from Ask a Manager – the popular workplace advice column where frustrated employees write-in about their workplace challenges.

If most people are annoyed that meetings do not finish on time, why do so many of them still run over? A common culprit is no one keeping time, or the person assigned to the role of timekeeper is hesitant to interrupt others or they themselves get caught up in the discussion.

Decisions built-in agenda time tracker
Decisions recently expanded its in-meeting extension time tracker so that it is displayed from the agenda view. Now, whether someone is looking at the overall agenda or they click into the meeting topic details, they will see it. 


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Customers like Matthew Rich, Project Engineer in the Chief Technology Office of Honeywell’s Aerospace division, often call the Decisions' time tracker one of their favorite features. “It is not difficult to image the complexity of meetings we have. We use Decisions for our monthly operations review that includes dozens of presenters and guests. When we piloted Decisions in early 2020, it was the first ever time that meeting ended on time.”

LIVIC Civil’s Drew Barton echoes Rich’s sentiment in an earlier customer story. He said, “The built-in time tracker is hands down my favorite feature. I love that it keeps time by topic and not just at the overall meeting-level. Meetings are time-consuming but important, so it is imperative that we use our time together as efficiently as possible.” 

Decisions first added a time tracker to its agenda in 2019.  Unlike the built-in Microsoft Teams notification that pops up when there are five minutes left in the meeting overall, Decisions’ time tracker works at the topic level. It follows the length of the agenda and turns red when there is one minute left for a topic. Users can also hover their mouse over the tracker to see exactly how much time remains, down to the second.

“The time tracker is a much-loved feature for our customers,” said Magnus Mjosund, Vice President of Product at Decisions. “The ability for users to view the time tracker status bar and time remaining at the topic level was one of our first priorities  when building the Decisions in-meeting extension for Microsoft Teams. We are thrilled to expand it further with today’s announcement.” 

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