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A smarter way to record meeting tasks and other updates from Decisions

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Decisions releases three updates to make meeting management even easier and more organized. 

Task Syncing Just Got Smarter
Most teams group tasks by workstream or topic to track and manage activity and progress. Now with Decisions, you can do the same thing with tasks from meetings. 

Our smart language detection picks up tasks within Microsoft OneNote and Word meeting minutes and syncs them with Microsoft Planner. Now, the enhanced language recognition capabilities from this update will automatically identify the correct Microsoft Planner bucket based on agenda keywords and hashtags. You can also manually select a bucket.

If there is no Microsoft Planner board for the group, by default, tasks will save to a bucket organized by meeting date.

Create Agendas from Anywhere
Create structured agendas that improve meeting preparation, now from anywhere. With this release, you can build agendas from the Decisions web application online and on mobile, in addition to the existing add-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Teams.

Easily Add Emails & Attachments to Agendas
Now when someone emails you meeting materials, you can drag and drop the entire email or email attachments directly into the agenda without first saving them to your desktop.

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