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Decisions accelerates a new way of working for Catena

Catena has more time to focus on important work that moves the business forward with Decisions. Now, their meetings are structured, efficient and engaging.

Catena, an innovative tech startup, recognizes the importance of technology in increasing operational efficiency. Already Microsoft Teams users, they looked for a solution that would bring more process and organization to their meetings. They discovered Decisions.

Every minute counts for a new startup. The more time Catena can spend on important work that moves the business forward and the less time wasted in meetings, the better.

“Decisions has helped us improve every stage of the meeting process – having discussions around the meeting beforehand, using the time tracker to stay on schedule during the meeting, and following up by publishing the meeting minutes afterward,” said Leonard Endriss, Catena Co-Founder and COO. He continued, “Decisions improves our overall meeting structure and ultimately, helps us operate more efficiently.”

Catena is a relatively new startup based in Munich, Germany, aiming to accelerate digitization in Europe by using C_Chain technology (an evolution of classic blockchains) to provide secure and legally binding contracts. It did not take long for their small team to become frustrated with the valuable time they were wasting on inefficient and unorganized meetings.

Catena was originally manually creating their agendas, which proved to be time-consuming. “Now, with Decisions, we select a customized template based on the meeting type and create an organized and structured agenda within seconds,” shared Susanne Obermeier, Co-Founder and CEO. “Also, everyone has the ability to collaborate and participate directly on the agenda, increasing the preparation of all attendees.”

Transparency is also key for Catena. “With Decisions, we are audit secure. We can track all past decisions made in meetings, along with the context of the discussion, because the minutes and agenda are linked from the decision tracker,” noted Obermeier. “Everything – agenda, attachments, minutes and post-meeting outcomes – are easy to access for our entire team.”

Obermeier believes many organizations would benefit from the tool, sharing, “Decisions increases efficiency and accelerates a new way of working.”

Put an End to Wasteful Meetings with Decisions
Decisions is a meeting management solution for Microsoft Teams and Office 365 users that brings structure and engagement to meetings, allowing organizations to focus on important work that moves the business forward.

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