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Decisions - August Enhancements

Aug 14, '2018 / by Decisions

The Decisions team is committed to helping users host meetings worth their time! With this in mind, today we released a series of updates, including exciting improvements to user functionality.

Many enhancements are the result of customer feedback. Reach out to your Decisions point of contact if you have feedback or suggested developments.

Smart Syncing for Tasks and Decisions 

The Decision Word add-in just got a little smarter! Now it will allow you to automatically sync tasks and decisions from the Word or OneNote meeting minutes into Microsoft Planner.


Our intelligent solution identifies notes, tasks and decisions, consolidating them into an action table at the end of the meeting minutes, creating create a more seamless experience that saves time and allows for easier tracking and follow-up.


Let's Talk About Meeting Book

For those new to Decisions, Meeting Book is the compilation of the meeting materials into a single source, usually a PDF. Now,

  • Meeting hosts can easily select the format of their meeting book to include links or directly inputting the attachment into the PDF.
  • Through the Decisions Word add-in, meeting minutes and meeting books can be shared from Word with anyone, both those in the group and people outside it. Simply select “Add Other Recipients” when sending materials. You don’t even need to open Outlook!




Other Enhancements

  • Added ability to send case submission requests to individuals without group affiliation
  • Shortcut to group meetings from the main menu

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