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And the winner is...Decisions

Oct 10, '2018 / by Decisions

TV stars have the EMMYS.

Musicians have the GRAMMYS.

Movie celebrities have the OSCARS.

We have the Office App Awards!


This year Decisions takes first place for Best Office Integration with Microsoft Office 365. 

Decisions is a meeting management solution that helps organizations plan, organize and run more efficient meetings. The solution builds on Office 365 to create a familiar interface that integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Teams.

We change meeting culture.

"Decisions continues to experience rapid growth,” says CEO Jørgen Solberg. “We now serve customers on three continents and expect to exceed our targets for the year. This award from Microsoft is recognition of our recent achievements.”

Are you ready to have more effective meetings? 
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