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    "I like the ability to store the agenda in a [Microsoft] Teams channel. It makes retrieving meeting archives fast and easy. Not only can you store the meeting agenda, but you can store minutes, decisions, and tasks there also to make referring back to a meeting a breeze."

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    "The Decisions team is amazing. They provided informational training sessions on how to use all the features of the app."

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    "I clicked on Decisions, used it, and just loved it right away."

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    "I love Decisions for Microsoft Teams. We provide quarterly meetings for all of our clients and putting the agenda together the agenda and compiling all of the information into one pdf was a manual nightmare before Decisions ... This is a huge timesaver for our organization."

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    "Decisions works flawlessly within our O365 tenant. Seamless exchange of data between apps like Teams, Outlook, Planner and OneNote. There are frequent and continuous improvements."

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    "We use Decisions at Beiersdorf and are very happy we made this choice few years ago. In many important projects this became a must have tool to run our important SteerCo meetings. We recommend Decisions."

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    "If you are looking for a time saving meeting tool, get it."

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    "Decisions feels native to Microsoft Teams. I think it's brilliant in its simplicity. It's not overwhelming at all with the feel. Everything that you want is right there."

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    "Great tool with a great team that is very reactive and listens to our needs."

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Meetings with Decisions have a purpose!

Start collaborating before you even meet with Decisions structured agenda builder! Create your agenda and share it with relevant participants for their input on their schedule. By the time your team meets, everyone will have contributed, be up to speed on relevant topics and prepared for discussion. Go further, and include external participants, by sending out a meeting book to your entire group with one click. And make sure you're fully ready for success with the Meeting Engagement Score™.

Pssst — did we mention all of our features are based in behavioral science? Better meetings, backed by science.



When your meetings have purpose and participants are prepared, your team is inspired to bring actionable ideas and valuable contributions to the discussion.

As you work through your agenda items, Decisions keeps you on pace with our smart time tracker and easily captures assigned tasks, decisions and voting results for a tangible plan of action. Foster participant engagement and speaker equity through tools like virtual hand-raising.

Everyone leaves on the same page with their voice being heard — no more post-meeting confusion!



Go beyond the meeting and get more of what matters done!

With one-click meeting minutes and task + decision tracking, everyone knows exactly what was decided in each meeting. Meeting content stored in SharePoint — and with deadlines synced with Planner — means everyone is on the same page — and working toward known goals and expectations. 

Decisions makes it easy for you and your team to, well, just do it!



Rinse and ... 🔁

Save time and reduce monotonous tasks with saved agenda templates, recurring meeting workflows, automated meeting minutes and notes, all customizable to your organization's brand or design needs. And make each meeting better than the last with the Meeting Feedback Score.

All this, in one place. Oh, and we're just getting started.


Start your free trial of Decisions

Get 14 days to explore all our meeting management tools, including our agenda builder, collaboration tools, one-click meeting minutes and meeting book, Meeting Engagement Score™️ and more!

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