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Make your Meetings Count

Make Your Meetings Count

Discover the meeting solution that provides structure, increases engagement and enables strategy.

Integrates with Office 365
Integrates with Office 365
3-Time App Award Winner
3-Time App Award Winner

A Better Way to Run Meetings

Meetings should empower your team; not weigh them down. Decisions transforms the way organizations conduct meetings by encouraging engagement and real action.

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Meetings with Decisions have purpose. Developed using the principles of behavioral science, Decisions provides structure to your meeting agendas, makes it easy to create meeting minutes and encourages participant engagement through tools like virtual hand raising and the Meeting Engagement Score™. Use Decisions to ensure participants are prepared for meetings and to foster lively, constructive discussion.
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When your meetings have purpose and participants are prepared, they are inspired to bring actionable ideas and valuable contributions to the discussion. As you work through your agenda items, Decisions easily captures tasks, decisions and voting results for a tangible plan of action.
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Set your team up for success with meetings that end with a plan of action. Starting from the foundation of a well-crafted agenda and productive discussion, participants will leave the meeting aligned on outcomes. What's more, Decisions intelligently captures tasks and decisions from the meeting minutes and alerts participants of their assigned tasks so your team will always be clear on their action items and deadlines.

The Decisions Workflow

Revolutionize every stage of the meeting process.

create the agenda
Create the Agenda Create structured agendas in Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Outlook.
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prepare for the meeting
Prepare for the Meeting Participants can collaborate on the agenda, review materials, upload their own attachments or leave comments.
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run the meeting
Run the Meeting Decisions merges the agenda into a meeting minutes template in Microsoft OneNote or Microsoft Word.
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manage tasks & decisions
Manage Tasks & Decisions Use smart-text recognition in your meeting minutes to automatically sync meeting tasks and decisions to Microsoft Planner.
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Extending Office 365

Decisions is built into the Office 365 suite of products. Whether your workflow depends on Teams, Outlook, OneNote or Word, Decisions will be there to make your meetings successful.

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Measurable Results

Customers who say they experience more energy and productivity in meetings
Time Tracker
Time saved coordinating meetings with Decisions
Improvement in attendee preparation and agenda quality, as measured by the Meeting Engagement Score™
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Our Customers

Decisions has helped organizations in every industry hold more successful meetings.

As both a Management Coordinator and Office 365 superuser, I see how Decisions helps our executive teams have more successful meetings, while boosting use of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner. We’re able to maximize our technology investments for the better of the company.

Management Coordinator | Circle K

Our management meetings have gained a whole new dynamic and the effectiveness of these meetings have increased dramatically. It's now fun and inspiring to have our management team meetings. We plan to roll out Decisions in all parts of the company and to our project teams.

Chief Executive Officer | Backe Construction

The tool is working better and better for me. It saves me a tremendous amount of time when organizing project meetings and following up tasks and decisions for my large (390 person) engineering project team.

Program Manager | Renault

(With Decisions) Our team members are better prepared for meetings, which has increased productivity. Most importantly, Decisions makes it so much easier to follow-up on action items after the meeting. This leads to a more efficient execution of our goals.

Director of Operations | Experis Manpower Group

Decisions is the tool that brings all of these pieces of the business together for us. The company listens to and sometimes anticipates our need, like with the new time-keeping feature!

President and CEO | Calgary Food Bank

Like it? I LOVE it.

TIME - We have the gift of time back that was forever lost to admin/notes typing.

Lecturer | [A European] Institute of Technology

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