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Learning and implementing new software - even one as intuitive as Decisions - can always present challenges. Do you feel like you know all the basics of Decisions Meeting Software but are ready to become a superuser? Then we've got just the program for you!

Our Decisions Tips & Tricks Masterclass will make you a leader on how to best utilize Decisions at your organization. You'll be the expert on all things meetings in no time! 

In our Tips & Tricks Masterclass, we will cover more advanced Decisions features, such as:

-Automatically adding minutes from previous meetings
-Displaying the agenda inside your Teams meeting
-Creating meeting and agenda drafts 
-See when documents were added or updated by another user
-Automatically adding tasks to Planner buckets grouped by theme
-Automatically assigning tags to agenda items
-Decisions Speak Now feature
-Electronic Signatures
-How to use secure voting during meetings
-Creating an ordered Speaker List
-Optimal use of the Meeting Feedback Score
-And so much more! 

We are now offering these live, bite-sized, 30-minute trainings in four languages and across various timezones. Simply book a time that works best for you! 

We can't wait to help you become your business's resident meeting leader. 

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What we are offering: A 30 minute Tips & Tricks session to learn the most advanced features of Decisions! Completely FREE to you.