Learn Decisions — live with an expert!

Register for the next Decisions Challenge — being held June 22-24, from 9-9:30 a.m. each day — and let us guide you through all that the Decisions meeting app for Microsoft Teams and Office 365 has to offer.

We're offering these small-group, 30-minute sessions in various time zones and languages, so if this session doesn't work with your schedule, there will be more soon! These sessions run for three days, are interactive and provide ample opportunity for one-on-one guidance.

Come see how Decisions can transform and elevate your organization’s meeting culture.

Day 1: Advanced agenda building

  • Getting started with Decisions
  • Agenda creation — agenda items, break, suggest agenda items
  • Attachments and uploading files
  • Assigning presenters
  • Reordering agenda items
  • Publishing the agenda
  • Saving an agenda as a template
  • Notifying attendees and managing access
  • Managing co-authors

Day 2: Tasks, decisions & creating agendas in meetings owned by others

  • Creating agendas from a saved template
  • Creating agendas in another owner's meeting and asking for access to create agenda
  • Delegating agenda access in your meeting
  • Task creation
  • Exporting tasks to Planner
  • Decisions and voting
  • Anonymity options in voting
  • Private notes

Day 3: Meeting minutes & Meeting Book

  • Meeting minutes
  • Options to include agenda description, notes, tasks, decisions and mark absentees
  • Tasks and decisions through minutes
  • Send for review
  • Finalizing minutes
  • Meeting locking and opening
  • Customization available in minutes document
  • Electronic signatures
  • Create and customizing Meeting Book

For any queries/questions please reach out to

Decisions Challenge • June 22-24, 2022 : 9 - 9:30 AM EST