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Let's Talk Meeting Minutes

No matter how your organization does meeting minutes, Decisions has you covered. 

Whether you start your meeting minutes before, during or after your meeting, Decisions enables you create and send out them out using the easy "minutes" tab at the top of each Decisions agenda. 

Choose what you want to include in your minutes, whether that's simply the date and agenda items or key elements from the meeting such as tasks assigned and decisions made during the course of the meeting. Either way, when you're ready to send out your minutes, rest assured, your minutes doc will look polished, professional and everyone will have a clear record of what your meeting was about. 

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Key Features

Decisions has made it easy for your team to streamline your Meeting Minutes!

Decisions maps your agenda to a Word or OneNote template to easily record and organize notes and action items, allowing you to choose what to include every time!

Custom Minute Templates Create your minutes in Word and Onenote, with ready-made brandable templates personalized with your logo.
Standardize Meeting Minutes Make your life easy with Decisions Meeting Minutes. If you decide you always want to include time, place, and meeting attendees on your Meeting Minutes, Decisions will make that happen. Along with your brand logo, your minutes will definitely stand out.
Sync Tasks and Decisions Assign tasks to team members and log decisions during your meeting. Export these to a Decisions Word or OneNote document when you finalize your minutes.

Track and manage meeting minutes with ease!
Available in Word, OneNote, Microsoft 365 & more!

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