Dynamic Meeting Agendas

Discover why more and more organizations use Decisions to help their teams create structured, productivity-enhancing agendas. Say goodbye to unstructured meetings and hello to meaningful agendas today.


Improve your meeting culture with structured agendas

Improve meeting efficiency

Foster team engagement

Increase collaboration

Say goodbye to time-wasting meetings

Decisions agenda builder integrates with Microsoft Teams and Office 365, letting you easily provide direction, support and context to your meeting. Whether crafting an agenda from scratch, or re-using a template from a previous meeting, it's like your own digital meeting organizers — but with so many more features.


How it works

With Decisions agenda builder, you can completely streamline how you make and send agendas for your team. The Decisions app does the tedious meeting components, so you can focus on what’s important — getting the most out of your meetings.

Dynamic Agenda Templates Integrated with Microsoft Teams

Get your meetings organised! Use Decisions to build agendas in seconds or re-use existing agenda templates for even quicker construction. Easily collaborate, make changes, embed images and breaks straight into your meeting agenda. The most practical and useful meeting agenda you will ever use.

Time Tracker, Tasks & Decisions Made

Make your agenda a living, breathing document - not just a stagnant schedule of items. Assign tasks to team members in the agenda and log decisions made. Upload the items directly to Excel or OneNote after the meeting for easy record keeping. Use Time Tracker for presenters, making sure you always stays on track.

Up-To-The-Minute Agenda Attachments

Upload relevant documents to agenda items, embed iFrames and links, making every attachment live, in time for the meeting. You can allow other meeting attendees and presenters to do the same. Never miss a beat in your meetings again.

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