WEBINAR | JULY 10, 2024

How AI will drive better meetings in higher education

Discover how to revolutionize your meetings with cutting-edge AI-powered tools in this 45-minute webinar for higher education professionals. This session is designed for staff, administrators, faculty and decision-makers who want to enhance productivity and effectiveness in their meetings.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The Importance of Productive Meetings: Understand the critical role productive meetings play in the success of educational institutions.
  • Discover AI-Powered Tools for Meetings: Explore the latest AI technologies that can transform your meeting experience.
  • Case Study: Gain insights from a real-world example of successful implementation.
  • High-Level Demo: See a live demonstration of our AI Recap and Meeting Minutes tools, showcasing their powerful features.
  • Best Practices in Higher Education: Learn actionable tips and strategies to optimize your meetings.

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For any queries/questions please reach out to wwelsh@meetingdecisions.com

July 10, 2024
2-2:45 p.m. BST