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We're all about collaboration! Introducing new Decisions features.

See how we're making meetings even more accessible and collaborative with new features and an updated dashboard in the Decisions meeting app.

At Decisions, we know having everything in one place can help boost productivity. This is why we've done a little summer cleaning and changed up the look of our meeting dashboard!

Now, it’s easier than ever to interact with your upcoming meetings, spark collaboration and increase engagement — ensuring you’re always prepped and prompt when you meet!



Let's dive into what's new!

If you’re the meeting organizer, you’ll be able to create your agenda, add a topic ("suggest topic") or take notes right from the main screen.

Suggesting a topic in this view is great for when there are several meeting organizers for the same meeting, allowing for more organized collaboration!

Another plus as the meeting organizer: You can grant access to another teammate to create the agenda for you. So, if you’re out on vacation this summer and a colleague requests the agenda but you’re busy (up to your neck in ocean waves), your co-worker can request access to start creating the agenda for you. That way, the meetings and momentum of your projects can continue, no matter one teammate's status.

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For meeting attendees, you’ll be able to see four new options when you open your meeting hub: Create agenda (request access), Request agenda, Suggest topic, and My notes. If your boss or the meeting organizer isn’t as responsive as you’d like (it is summer after all!), you can always send them a friendly nudge by requesting an agenda from this view. Or, better yet, you can be proactive and request access to start or create the agenda yourself. Never have a workflow gap again, no matter who’s in the office.

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With so many great new meeting features for you this summer, Decisions has made it easier than ever for you and your team to collaborate — whether you’re the meeting organizer or an attendee.


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