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The latest meeting trends and statistics (an infographic)


How do your meetings stack up? 

In this infographic, we share the latest meeting trends and statistics, with
easy-to-implement tips to make your meetings better.

Did you know the average leader spends at least 50 percent of their time in meetings each week? And most people admit to multi-tasking in meetings, which is only exacerbated by the transition to virtual meetings.

Meetings are essential for organizations to move projects and the business forward. They are where most decisions are made. Unfortunately, many organizations are weighed down by their meetings, leading to wasted time, decreased productivity and even poor business decisions.

We have gathered several statistics about the state of meetings from sources such as Gartner, Bain & Company, Harvard Business Review and more, along with four easy-to-implement tips for improving your meetings. They are compiled in a free, downloadable infographic.

Infographic with stats and trends on meetings


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