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Meeting Minutes Rendered Obsolete!

Jun 11, '2018 / by Decisions


With Decisions, you don't need Meeting Minutes!


"Meeting Minutes rendered obsolete!" So says the CFO of the Finance Department at TINE. 
With Decisions software, built around Office 365, Tine has made changes in how they run their management meetings. One of the major changes is the culture around writing "Meeting Minutes". With the features Decisions and Tasks you don't really need Meeting Minutes.
Meeting Decisions Team
When using Decisions, it is very easy to create Tasks and Decisions during the meeting. By taking the focus away from writing minutes and taking notes, you can focus on creating tasks and making decisions. Decisions makes this very easy with it's task panel and decisions log. All you have to do is record tasks and decisions as you go along in the meeting. And once you are done with the meeting, you can easily find the list of your action items and decisions. 
Decisions Meeting Task Panel

And then at the end of the meeting, if you want, you can easily add Meeting Minutes with just a few clicks! Check out our video to see how. 


You can read the full article about how TINE uses decisions here (in Norwegian)


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